Care Tips

For accessories.

All products (unless stated) are made out of oven-baked polymer clay and is designed to be fade resistant and waterproof. So, they should last for a long time especially when proper care is taken.

  • Although polymer clay is waterproof, it is best not to swim or take a shower with it because of the other materials used in designing the craft.
    ● Avoid direct contact with perfume, lotion, and other chemicals
    ● To clean, simply use a piece of moist fabric and wipe it gently.
    ● If not in use, store your jewelry/craft in a close and dry place also to avoid accumulation of dust and the reach of direct sunlight. Also, separate them from your other jewelry or other things that might scratch or damage the polymer clay
    ● Remove jewelry before going to sleep or doing strenuous activities

For clothing & bags.

  • Each item comes with a dust bag that you can reuse to keep the piece.
  • You may refer to the hang tag included in your purchase for the laundry instructions.