Behind the scenes


The main material I use to make these the jewelries is polymer clay and airdry clay for trinkets and bigger pieces. For both, I used different brands from local shops. After the sculpting and baking process, I also incorporate beads, fresh water pearls, metal findings, and bezels.

Metal components are 304 stainless hypoallergenic steel so you don't have to worry if you have sensitive skin! (for old purchases, you may reach out via Instagram DM to to send them back and have the metal components if they're tarnished for free!)


This process is the outcome of several research and experimentations I have done since I started working with clay and I wanted to share my own techniques for other people to learn from!

1 - Preparation

I usually start making the designs from planning the theme of the entire collection. I get inspirations, try to sketch them, and take notes on what are the details that I wanted to include. 

Once I have my vision, I gather all my materials and start working on them.

Before sculpting, I always condition my clay for about 3-5 minutes to ensure that it's soft enough to work with. From my observation, this also affects the piece because if the clay is not well-conditioned, it becomes brittle after baking


2 - Sculpting

Though I have tried using clay cutters and silicone molds, sculpting is the best way