Our Story

(in-between) is inspired by the artist's with history and unusual appreciation of macabre art and how we incorporate these things into our craft today.

As the term used in the poem, pagitan is also referred as a metaphor to describe how we should value the present and stop solely focusing on the past and future.

Pagitan was just a vision to explore the artist's creativity. It was supposedly a resin craft store but there just wasn't a spark with the medium. Then, pandemic came and after a year of thinking about building a small business, it popped into my head again as an indecisive plan make money during the pandemic.
From being a vision and a plan, it is my now my home and my comfort zone.

The Artist

Hallo! I'm Mayel! I'm the artist, owner, and the person in front and behind the camera in Pagitan 

Even when I was young, I know that I have this creativity in me. But I suck at drawing (even today lol) So, for years, I've been trying different medium to create art. I've tried drawing with ink, pen, charcoal, then painting with watercolor and gouache, then I also tried calligraphy, and a lot more. Even though I sucked at those things, one thing I know (or at least think) I'm good at–handicrafts. I've done a few DIY stuff for my room decor, then handmade crafts as gifts, and others.

Last March 2020, I saw a polymer clay shop and thought maybe I could do that. So, I did my research and decided to work with polymer clay and bought a few tools. Now, I I'm a one-woman team - from CS, planning the design, moulding, assembling, marketing, packing, etc! Soon, I'd love to explore more and create a bigger piece... pottery maybe? hmm...

Thanks for reading, may your day be as lovely as you  ♥