Our brand

Our brand
Pagitan (in-between) is inspired by the our fascination with history and our unusual appreciation of macabre art and how we incorporate these things into our craft today.
As the term used in the poem, pagitan is also referred as a metaphor to describe how we should value the present and stop solely focusing on the past and future.
The Creators
Pagitan is a collaborative brand by us, Mayel and Christann.
We started planning to build it in 2018 but finally made it happen in August 2020.
Back then I was actually planning to do resin art, but it didn't go well so 2 years later I've decided to explore clay art by using polymer clay.



“Frustration into illustration, from vibrant psychedelic work to dark and detailed inks and paints, the art of mozzca tackles the different, the eerie, the macabre, and the randomness of everything”

Christann, (also go by his artist name Mozzca) uses paint, ink, and colored pens for his traditional works. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, now a freelance traditional and digital artist.

He usually does the digital art stuff (he did the logo!) and actually the one who approves the designs of the pieces!


Aside from making clay art, I also love creative and SFX make up as well as recreating horror looks. I also write poetry, into digital and film photography, did freelance writing, and a roller skater. Yet all these hobbies and passion, I graduate BS Psychology and is a licensed psychometrician.

In Pagitan, I’m the maker, social media manager, photographer, etc., and whom you're talking to when if you have inquiries! (so please be nice)


Although Christann and I share the same passion for art and express our creativity in different mediums, Pagitan is our "in-between".

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